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When we were still single, the hubby and I used to go to the spa every two weeks just to relax and get our tensed muscles ready for the next two weeks’ activities…now that we’re married, priorities have changed and we’re busier than before with the two little ones always tagging behing mommy. We’re still able to play badminton from time to time, get to watch a movie once in a while…hmmm, once in every two months or three that is. However, the liberty of getting the “every two week massage/spa” has gone to the bottom of the list.

Then I started working for this company that manufactures Caronia Nail Polish and I discovered a solution to our spa-less days. We both love foot massages so when I brought home a sample of Caronia’s foot spa set, we were both eager to try it. It’s composed of the Foot Soak, you put some in a basin of lukewarm water then let your feet rest for about three to five minutes. After that you massage your tired feet and legs (up to the knee area) with the Foot Scrub. This is so relaxing especially if the one administering the massage knows how the “hagod” works. To end the session, you put some Foot Creme for some moisture on those tired feet so they don’t get dried up after all the scrubbing.

I tell you, this works as a replacement for the spa nights we lost now that we’ve got so much on our hands; and we’ve been doing this ever since. We take turns giving each other foot massage and we don’t have to leave home at that. I guess our spa moments have come back, thanks to Caronia Hand and Foot Care.


I decided to start a blog site because…well, i needed a release.  I’m a mom, i used to be a career woman until recently, I’m helping out my husband with his business…and well, I think I just needed to start a journal of my thoughts lest I forget them.

There are things that I believe needs to be put down in words for us to remember someday.  Journals are more or less like pictures, they remind us of how good or bad things were.

For those of you who will be reading my blogs, you may agree with some of it, you may not, you may be able to relate to it or not, please remember these are my thoughts and opinions of things I’d like to remember, things I love, experiences I’ve had that I just want to share.

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